Barbaric and shocking use of force against innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan

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September 10, 2020
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September 10, 2020

Barbaric and shocking use of force against innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

He has been the most ardent critic of Barack Obama’s foreign policy since he was elected president, taking aim at the Pentagon’s use of the controversial drone program in Pakistan, where he warned last week that “the American people may find Obama’s foreign policy repugnant at best and dangerous at worst.”

He has accused the administration of “wilful blindness to the carnage of this administration’s record,” and argued that its policy of seeking a nuclear accord with Iran only “creates more mayhem and chaos” abroad.

He added that even the Bush administration was guilty of “shameful” foreign policies, citing the US’s part에스엠 카지노icipation in the bombing of Iraq’s Al-Qaida in the 1990s.

The former senator and presidential candidate was also the founder of the Stop the War Coalition, an anti-war group, before resigning his US Senate seat and founding his own organization.

“In my lifetime, our military should have never fought more battles in the last three decades than we did in Afghanistan and Iraq. But instead of standing by and allowing us to win these wars, I have spent the last 12 years working to stop the war in Iraq by ending the reckless and unpopular war there,” McCain said in a statement.

“Now more than ever, our time in Iraq needs to be spent building the institutions in Iraq that can hold those nations accountable, and not building a political부천출장마사지 부천출장안마 movement of lies and deception to get our country back in the game,” he said.

McCain is expected to formally announce his presidential campaign f라이브카지노or 2016 on Monday.