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Branch Off Records LLC, brought to you by Branch Off Entertainment, is a hip hop, R&B, and pop music record label that offers live music to any venue or event. The record label began in Grove, a small neighborhood in North Carolina. Branch Off Records LLC features artists like Mr. Mo Betta, Mini Mo Betta, ScoolaScoola, Coot Myesta who offer their unique perspectives on entertainment. Their musical influences span decades, and now brings the fusion of street-wise lyrical collaborations to your ears through their mixtapes.


In the early '90s, from a small neighborhood in North Carolina called Cedar Grove was an underground rap group called Shade Tree Militia. Making a markup and down the east coast with Dyverse Records, this group was on their way to the top, but due to real-life situations, the group was forced to change things up. Then Branch Off Records was created, with the original members of Shade Tree and some of their younger family members. They stormed the underground music scene in the late '90s and early 2000s. Branch Off Records created...

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Mini mo betta

Mini mo betta (mr yessa) is one of the original members of “Branch Off”. After starting his career at a very young age creating a group... Read More

Dj Wednesday

Dj Wednesday aka humpagalactic maniac is a seasoned vet in the underground game. Coming in the game as “J Nice” he decided to get into djaying. Read More

TNT lil se7en

TNT lil Seven is a third generation artist being the son of co owner/ ceo of Branch Off Records and head artist with shade tree militia coot myesta. Read More

Scoola Scoola

Scoola scoola is the co owner/ artist for Branch Off Records. Born an raised in Supply NC and grew up in the Cedar Grove/ Turkey Trap rd community. Read More